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Industry first



  Embedded high-speed elevator circuit board


  ◆ It is the first to adopt the advanced embedded high-speed networked control board in the elevator industry. The intelligent graphics generator is built-in. It has high reliability and unusual accuracy to ensure the running comfort.

  At the same time with the sublimation of the unique bridge board can achieve zero wiring.


  Built-in damping double wheel structure




  ◆ Changing the traditional car top wheel into a two-wheeled structure to distribute the single wheel load to the two wheels, reducing the load on the car top wheel and balancing the load, reducing the wear on the wire rope, and at the same time increasing the internal damping device. Elevator operation stability and comfort 

  Integrated door cover


  ◆ The integrated design of the summons display and the door cover is free from the dependence on the civil construction of the installation, the installation is more flexible, the position of the display screen and the summoning button is adjusted, and the observation and operation of the passenger are facilitated.



  Integrated car top



  ◆ The traditional structure of car tops and decorative tops are combined into one to form an integrated car top, the thickness is only 30mm, the net height of the car is increased from the traditional 2300mm to more than 2400mm, creating a more comfortable riding environment. 



  Remote monitoring cloud platform


  ◆ In 1988, the elevator automatic fault alarm device  was firstly launched and put into use. It was upgraded to a remote monitoring cloud platform system. The data of the elevator was transmitted to the cloud platform through a remote monitoring data terminal. , elevator managers and passengers, etc. can understand the elevator operation status through the PC, mobile client, improve elevator management.





  Large space car



  ◆ Without increasing the area and height of the hoistway, through technical innovation, the car area can be increased by up to 20%, which improves the utilization rate of the hoistway. This technology enables the Xiaojing Elevator to achieve the stretcher function. 



  Passive double layer signal detection device



  ◆ High-performance rare earth permanent magnets are used in combination with dual-signal detection devices to replace the optical level switches, so that the flat-layer signal detection failure rate is almost zero, and the elevator slide caused by signal failure of the leveling layer is effectively prevented. This device is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and easy to install. Commissioning and long service life.