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Unique security configuration





  ◆ The use of changing the doorknife technology to achieve the gap from the traditional 30mm gap reduced to 5mm, to prevent stilettos, children's feet into the gap in the ground, but also to facilitate access to the wheelchair, to bring passengers into the elevator convenient. This technology has obtained national patents. Such as with a brush, can achieve a seamless gap, to avoid small items fall into the gap.



  Safe noise reduction car wall



  ◆The composite reinforced car wall consisting of a decorative layer, a noise-damping shock-absorbing layer and a protective layer eliminates the adhesion of reinforcing ribs and eliminates the danger caused by the detachment of the reinforcing ribs. At the same time, it effectively absorbs the noise and vibration generated during the operation of the elevator and improves the comfort of passengers when riding.




  Anti-off hall door



  ◆ The use of a hook-type door slider, in conjunction with the “C&rdquo” type of sill, ensures that the hall door will not break out of the ground when it is accidentally impacted, so that passengers can accidentally fall into the hoistway.




  Clamp rail type additional brake



   ◆ Using a track-type mechanism and a separate electronic control system, when the brake malfunctions or other causes the elevator to overspeed or the car accidentally moves, the additional brake will clamp the car on the track to ensure passenger safety. 



  Original safety car



  ◆ The concept of vehicle safety is applied to elevator safety. Based on the traditional safety design system of the elevator, a safety car was developed. When an accident occurs at the bottom of the raft or the crown, the upper and lower beams of the car undergo deformation after being impacted, absorbing impact energy and maximizing the safety of passengers in the cab.



  Dynamic Meshing Photoelectric Anti-Clamp Protection



  ◆By adding vertical photo-electric sensing devices at both ends of the car door, the horizontal light curtain (more dense transversal light) is matched with the movement of the door to form a continuous meshed protection surface, so as to avoid the possibility of horizontal photoelectric detection of blank areas. Danger. 



  End station overspeed protection



  ◆ The system consists of an independent speed detection system and additional brakes. When the elevator reaches the end station must be decelerated without deceleration, the system will force the elevator to stop running, to ensure that the elevator will not have a serious roof or bottom accident.