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Beijing Shenghua Elevator Co., Ltd. After-sales service system

Beijing Shenghua Elevator Co., Ltd. based on the many advantages of domestic and foreign after-sales service, based on decades of experience in the installation and maintenance of elevators, has gradually established its own set of mature and effective after-sales service system, strict implementation of OHSAS18001 occupation Safety system, and passed the ISO9000 international and domestic quality system certification for six consecutive years.

This system has been successfully and effectively operated throughout the country. There are nearly 300 professional elevator installation and maintenance teams in the Beijing area that are strictly following this service system. It maintains regular maintenance, maintenance, technical support, and emergency repair services for more than 2,000 elevators of various types in Beijing. At the same time as Beijing's 110 networked units, and the two engineering emergency vehicles equipped for this purpose are currently responsible for the relief of all elevators in the city.

Beijing Shenghua Elevator Co., Ltd. after-sales service system is divided into the following sections:

1 product warranty service procedures

Purpose and principle: In the warranty period, to provide users with satisfactory after-sales service (usually first to solve the problem), in order to enhance the credibility of enterprises and enhance their competitiveness.

2. Product Maintenance Service Procedure

Objectives and principles: Strictly perform the elevator maintenance contract and strictly carry out quality management. Improve the quality of maintenance services, so that the elevators that the user commissioned to maintain are in normal operation.

3. User quality complaint information processing program

Objectives and principles: Deal with each user's complaints in a timely manner so that they can respond. Consistently adhere to provide users with satisfactory after-sales service, in order to improve the credibility of enterprises and enhance their market competitiveness.

4. Spare parts management procedures

Objectives and principles: Establish normal channels for the supply of spare parts, ensure timely supply of spare parts, keep spare parts in a controlled state, and ensure that the company and the company's controlled installation and maintenance units provide users with quality and reliable spare parts.


Active detection

Whether there is an abnormality in the elevator, the fault information is sent back to the sublimation monitoring center via the telephone line, so that the service personnel can be instructed to quickly go to the inspection and repair. Often, before the customer has found out that the elevator has failed, the outlet attendant has been repaired.



An accident happened

In the event that passengers are trapped in the car, voices will be automatically played in the car. The intercom will inform police that the rescue has been dispatched to ease the anxiety of the passengers and remind passengers not to take the initiative to escape from the storm so as to avoid accidents. The accident occurred.



Instant messaging

Passengers trapped in the car can also make direct calls through the voice guidance and monitoring center, so that passengers can feel more comfortable waiting for the rescue. Make sure that the car walkie-talkie can talk to the outside world at any time, and even when managers are absent, you can safely take the elevator.



Remote monitoring

The device can automatically record the date and time of maintenance, so that the company's management unit can closely monitor the maintenance efforts of various service outlets, strengthen the management of maintenance work in a scientific way, and truly implement one-stop management.