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Through technological innovation, Shenghua Elevator has created a high-performance elevator represented by improving the utilization rate of the well. It features: subverting the layout design of the foreign well, and improving the utilization rate of the well by 20%. Taking 30 floors as an example, it can save the area of the well. 20 square meters, saving social resources;

The original composite noise-reduction car wall reduces the elevator running noise by 10%, improves the comfort of riding the ladder, and reduces the noise interference to the residents; the original integrated car roof, without changing the height of the car frame, makes the car The net height of the car is increased from the traditional 2300mm to more than 2400mm.

Create a more comfortable space for the ride;

The passive double leveling induction technology, together with the control board that won the National Torch Plan, reduces the elevator level failure to almost zero.

The safety elevator represented by the micro-gap ridge is characterized by: by changing the door cutter technology, the gap of the sill is reduced from the traditional 30mm to 5mm, preventing the stiletto shoes and the children's feet from getting stuck in the gap of the sill, which makes the elevator industry troublesome. The technical problems of a hundred years have been broken by the Chinese.

This is another major contribution of China to human progress.