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The foundation of the northwest production base of Shenghua Elevator Group was a success!

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As a key investment attraction project in Qinghai Province, Shenghua Elevator held a grand foundation stone laying ceremony in the State-level Hi-tech Development Zone in Xining City on the morning of December 12, 2017. Leaders from all levels of Xining City and High-tech Zone, Chairman of the Shenghua Elevator Group, senior management personnel and employee representatives witnessed the ceremony.



Xining is the political, economic, cultural, educational, transportation and communication center of Qinghai Province. It is an inland open city determined by the State Council and the gateway to the east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It must be passed through the ancient Silk Road South Road and the Tang Fan Ancient Trail. Land is an important node for the integration of the northwest into the Belt and Road.



Sublimation Elevator Group invests in building a new production base here and based in Qinghai to radiate Northwest China. It is an important measure to keep up with the national strategy of the One Belt One Road Initiative. The project started from the initial contact, reached a cooperation agreement and completed the company's registration and other related matters. The groundbreaking ceremony was officially held today. It took only 60 days to fully reflect the highly consistent and efficient work style of both parties' cooperation. The Xining Hi-tech Zone is determined to introduce the sublimation elevator project.



The planned production area of the northwestern production base of Shenghua Elevator Group is 200 mu. It is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2018. After the project is completed, it will form a northwest elevator production base that integrates technology research and development, intelligent automatic production, personnel training, and enterprise display. It will also become a northwest elevator. The highland of the industry also reflects the determination of Shenghua Elevator Group to become bigger and stronger, and strengthens the belief in industrial power.


The success of this foundation stone laying ceremony marked the official opening of the northwestern production base of the Shenghua Elevator Group.