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Leaders of Xinyu City in Jiangxi Province visited our company and the location of the South China Base has entered a substanti

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On November 6, the leaders of Lishui District and other leaders of Xishui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province visited the Xuzhou Operation Center of Shenghua Elevator Group and were warmly received by the Chairman of the Group Luo Haikai and General Manager Wei Shujuan.

The director of Lishui District, Lishui District, introduced the investment environment of Yushui District. Xinyu City is located in the west of central Jiangxi Province. Heshui District is a new industrial area in Xinyu City with an industrialization rate of 51.3% and an urbanization rate of 56.6%. , is China's only national new energy science and technology city, one of the country's 22 national forest cities.

The leaders of the two sides conducted in-depth and comprehensive exchanges on the sublimation group's construction base in South China and reached many consensuses. Afterwards, Li Changchang and his team, accompanied by the Chairman, experienced a safe elevator represented by micro-cracking, a provincial-level elevator that can save 20% of the hoistway area, and an unmanned production workshop.

Through exchanges and inspections of Li Yuanchang and his party, he highly praised the sublimation elevator lifts, large-size space cars, and nearly 20,000 square meters of unmanned production workshops, and lamented that Lihua Elevator’s road to innovation is at the forefront of the industry. Afterwards, Li Changchang and his party cordially invited the leaders of the Shenghua Group to visit Xushui District of Xinyu City as soon as possible, and stated that they would give the greatest support to strive to sublimate and settle in Xinyu. Luo Haikai, Chairman of the Board of Directors, accepted the invitation with pleasure and agreed to visit it in early December.

The sublimation site has been opened in South China. The layout of the six bases in the North, East China, Southwest, Central, South China, and Northwest China will be fully completed.