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Sublimation Elevator Debuts 2017 South Asian and Southeast Asian Countries Commodity Exhibition & Investment Trade

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  On June 12, 2017, the South Asian and Southeast Asian Countries National Commodity Fair and Investment Trade Fair was opened at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center and presided over by Yunnan Provincial Governor Yan Chengfa. The current session of the symposium is 7 days, with 86 countries and regions participating in the exhibition.




  Sublimation elevators presented elevator products with six unique designs and five safety devices to officials, entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and representatives of international organizations from home and abroad.



  The leaders of Yunnan Province, Ji Chengfa and Yuxi City Party Committee, visited and experienced the seamless ridges and safe cars of Shenghua Elevator.





  On the first day of the exhibition, the products of Shenghua Elevator were deeply favored by international customers. The number of elevators that are pursuing purchases has continuously increased. This is a good start for the national strategy of “Belt and Road” to radiate the southeast Asian and Southeast Asian markets of Shenghua Elevator.