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Anhui • Yuxi Scenic

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7-story bungalow with garden water view, large water garden, rare and rare. The width of the super wide building gives a few meters of sunshine to the living, and the living is comfortable and pleasant. The 11,000 square meter central landscape and inland river park make urban life more livable. It is located in the feng shui treasure land, and it can be called the outstanding people. The beautiful scenery of Yuxi is located on the edge of the Laojiao River on the upper reaches of the river. There are natural landscapes such as the Landai River, Laojiao River and Kouzi Lake Park. Feel the bustling and centuries-old lights of Qianxi Qianjie and Houjie. Enjoy the fashion life, surrounded by Wal-Mart Supermarket, Suning Appliance, Zhongtai International Plaza, Museum, Gymnasium and so on. The innovative planning and design of the "four-degree space, water-view bungalow" of Yuxi Scenic Spot has become a representative of the rare and rare, high-quality real estate.

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